2023/present- Skyeng as R&D Product Manager
Kids Games Product Manager
Research into the educational efficacy of games.
Introducing game-based products to preschool education.
Designing new features for a children's learning platform.

Innovation & Technology Product Manager
Designing experiments to validate product hypotheses.
Piloting innovative technologies before implementation.
Designing complex MVP solutions.

2020/2023 - Skyeng as Product Manager Kids Games
Head of Game Studio
Hiring and onboarding of team.
Designing and implementing consistent team workflows and innovative pipelines.
Planning and execution of the gaming department strategy.

Motivation & Educational Progress Product Manager
Researching of motivation and education.
Growth management of edutainment products.
Integration of new products into the educational process.
2019/2020 - Skyeng as Producer
Content Producer
Producing and creating educational materials.
Designing and introducing CJM strategies for online courses.
Management of webinar hosts and teachers.

Game & Education Designer
Designing experiments to validate product hypotheses.
Designing and developing educational games.
Development and implementation of new methodologies in school education during quarantine due to COVID-19.
2018/2019 - Unium
Teacher: IT-courses
Methodist: IT-courses
Product: e-Learning
2016/2017 -
Team Lead: web-development
2015/2016 - Self-employed
2014/2015 - E-commerce
Content manager
Colleagues anonymous feedbacks
I am gathering quotes because sometimes I need to remember that I am already a good-quality expert. And to promote myself of course.

In Skyeng we regularly give feedback anonymously to each other. We used a special competence list to score. Here you can see quotes about me that I usually see after feedback sessions.